ifstat is a tool to report network interfaces bandwith just like vmstat/iostat do for other system counters.

ifstat gathers these statistics from the kernel internal counters, which is highly operating system dependent.
Right now, the following systems are supported: If the net-snmp (or ucd-snmp) library is available, ifstat can use it to gather statistics from remote equipments (hosts, routers, switches...) or even the local host if a SNMP daemon is running.

Current version: ifstat-1.1.tar.gz [History].
Debian package woody/i386: ifstat_1.1-1_i386.deb.
Win32 package (native): ifstat-1.1-win32.zip.

ifstat's functionnalities can also be included in a static library for use in other applications. To use it, you just have to pass --enable-library while configuring ifstat (a debian package woody/i386 is available here).

As a sample use, the wmnet application has been tweaked to use libifstat as a polling backend, which brings more OS support and SNMP polling to it.

Current version: wmnet-ifstat-1.06.1.tar.gz.
Debian package woody/i386: wmnet-ifstat_1.06.1-3_i386.deb.

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